sick, sicker, sickest

Well I have not posted in about a week because we have been ……drum roll please…… yes, 50 bucks to the man in the funny hat, SICK. I hate being sick, and the weather here has been a direct representation of my physical self. So me no take any pictures. I was feeling guilt about my lack of shutter finger so at Sunday dinner I pulled out the camera and shot a couple of my mom giving me some respite from the kidlet and entertaining him with the magic that is bubbles. There is another one here of my boy that I had to take because the light from the bathroom was just great. And he is sick, so he does not run around as much (unless, of course, we give him some of those crazy tab medicines that melt in your mouth – then he is a running, jumping, laughing, and obviously high on OTC drugs). Balls of child snot – yippee for me!

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