busy hands

Did you miss me? Well, I did. Nothing is worse than being stuck in the house with a sick kid who gets hyper from cough syrup and has diarrhea from the antibiotics. I became a nasty blog-aholic over this sickness, lurking and never commenting. Such an ugly side of me – the side with nothing to say that is – and a rarity. Well, we are better now, and I took on a project on Sunday. Now is when I share it with you.

I finally broke down and did my photo wall, it took some time and a trip to IKEA, but it’s done. I have even taken pictures for your enjoyment.

I had wanted to get at least some of my on-going projects done before the big party on Saturday I have two more small things to get done, and I think I will tackle them tonight, leaving the rest of the week to prepare. The party bags are almost done. Oh how you are going to love them (pics to come later). We decided on a pirate theme for those of you that missed the party invite pic, so that means pirate cake. I will atempt to build an entire ship from cake. That should be fun. And I am thinking about cupcakes with orange frosting – think bonfire.

Well, in other news, I have gone on a crafting binge. Here is one of the little things I made to entertain myself. Oooh, that last one needs to be cooled off. Maybe later…

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