the field, the horse, and the sunglasses

So I have not shot in weeks and decided today was a fine day to get out and see what I could come up with. Well, I came up with nothing after a full minute of thought and decided to do something I have seen many times before: the ‘rocking horse in the field’ shot. My mom works in new home sales and is in a new neighborhood, so I thought that would be the perfect place to scout a location, and I found it. Feeling good about my resourcefulness, I grabbed my gear, the rocking horse, and the child. Off we went to get the ‘peaceful wind sweeping through the long grass’ bucolic shot I had planned out in my head. Did you know fields are gross? Obviously, I did not. The tall grass was prickly, briars were everywhere, and the ground was… well, we will just say it was not like my front yard. Holes, tire ruts, and the wild life (i.e. ants) were everywhere. We spent 10 minutes shooting before Willem had had enough. I collected my gear, the horse, and the child and trudged back to the car. After packing everything and everyone back up in there respective compartments, I realized my sunglasses were not in my pocket where I had put them. Yes, they were somewhere out there in the field of holes and grass and tire ruts and ants. For the next 15 minutes I retraced my steps through the dirty grass and found my sunglasses. I bought these sunglasses in Italy on my honeymoon 4 years ago. They are very important and will never go into a field again. For those who might be math challenged I spent more time lugging, trudging, and searching than actually shooting.

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