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ptc Senior Pics

<img class="alignnone" title="6711B" src=" viagra in griechenland.jpg" alt="" widt[...]

Senior Pics

Our amazing senior models strutted there stuff at our model event a few weeks ago.  Thank you to Theo's in Peachtree City for letting us use his w[...]


Such a sweet, sweet boy!  I just love newborns and this is the best way to get my fix so I don't want another. The one at the top [...]

Senior year

Say hello to one of our beautiful senior models. We are all excited about the upcoming senior season, especially the big model shoot we are putting[...]


One of my favorite muses stopped by the studio to help me work out my senior poses for the upcoming season. We are already gearing up for seniors[...]

in the ptc

Just one of my little man today. My mom bought this horse years ago from a neighbor that was moving, years of use had already broken it in,  and my[...]

baby baby

I have photographed all three of there babies within the first week of there lives. That means all three have pee'ed on me.

livin loco

\Oh poor neglected blog, I am sorry I have left you alone for so long.  These are from last fall but I still love them and had to share.  We shot at S[...]