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I started building this set months ago and really thought it was going to be something else entirely.  Unfortunately or actually fortunately as it[...]

Black Friday

Every Friday here at the studio is Black Friday.  We do simple b&w portraits and there is no session fee! Cant beat that as a Friday special. m[...]

mother daughter

Nothing quite like a house full of girls! I always enjoy photographing the relationship between mothers a daughters no matter the age.  Mom took th[...]


We like to listen to music here at the studio, I especially love having my music while I shoot.  I have spent more time than is probably nesessary cur[...]


I love beauty, but what I love even more is showing people how beautiful they are to the rest of the world.  We (as in women) spend an awful lot of ti[...]

Family Day

We have Family day in the garden coming up May 19th.  We are already getting calls and are schedualing since the ad in The Citizen went out on Wednsda[...]