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This is soooo KARATE!

I am doing some promo stuff at the local karate center and some of the instructors were kind enough to come out and entertain my crazy ideas for an af[...]

We have recently made it official: you can know go to, and you will find yourself here. The real exciting news is that so[...]

Welcome to SliceHost

The site is now running on new servers. We've picked up a virtual server from SliceHost! The best news is that this means that our other sites are [...]


I love a great story, and I love all the little details. Sometimes pictures just can't stand alone no matter how pretty they are. This is why I creat[...]

bubbles and bobbles

Two of my favorite kidlets that are not my own - we had a little play date with Will, AJ, and Allie (I spell it wrong every time). I am not sure who [...]

Four Make a Family

I got to hang out with two gorgeous kids, one loving mom, and a very creative dad on Sunday night. Dad had lots of cool ideas, and I came away with a[...]

Kids in the Park

I had a great time today doing a quick play-date shoot. The kids were cool and mellow, and there were no major meltdowns or injuries that you usually[...]

Cropping is Not fun ;)

While I am working out some new business kinks, I thought I would touch on a subject that I get a lot of questions about: CROPPING. Many of you ask w[...]

technical changes

This site will be undergoing some technical changes this evening. The change will bring the servers that host the site back into our home (and more un[...]