Mothers day

I know it was a bit ago but we had a blast with all the mommies at our mothers day event here at the studio.  Capturing the generations together is some of the most important work we do here at the studio.  Life can change with every breath you take.

McIntosh Seniors!!!!

I have to admit I am partial.  I went to McIntosh way back when dinos still roamed the earth.  I love being a part of so many of there seniors years. I love getting in the creative groove and coming up with some truly fun photos even more.


I started building this set months ago and really thought it was going to be something else entirely.  Unfortunately or actually fortunately as it was beeing built and again when i started painting problems arose.  Never one to scrap the whole idea i sat on it for a month till one day i walk by it and lightning struck.  the thought was very clear as to what it should be.

Still missing its stars everyone wants there pick with it anyway.

When you are stuck just sit on it, the problem will cry uncle soon enough.


Happy 4th America!

Black Friday

Every Friday here at the studio is Black Friday.  We do simple b&w portraits and there is no session fee! Cant beat that as a Friday special.

more info here

mother daughter

Nothing quite like a house full of girls!

I always enjoy photographing the relationship between mothers a daughters no matter the age.  Mom took the opportunity to have the families pictures taken before her eldest daughter went off to college, a time many parents overlook but a very important one.  Once they leave the nest they are hard to lure back unless you promise to do there laundry and make them dinner;)




We like to listen to music here at the studio, I especially love having my music while I shoot.  I have spent more time than is probably nesessary curating my Pandora station to what is a fine balance between old school rock/metal , alternative from the past 17 years, and folk.  Now I just need to install speakers outside.

Here are a few more on the alt side of things.

Atlas Genius


Santigold, whats not to love


this is an amazing performance by imagine dragons





I love beauty, but what I love even more is showing people how beautiful they are to the rest of the world.  We (as in women) spend an awful lot of time putting ourselves down and saying some frankly horrible things to ourselves — things we would not even say to other human beings.

There is a ton being said about magazines and the way they Photoshop people, and, yes, they do go too far on what are already too skinny women.  But there is a time and place for some Photoshop tweaking and this is my reasoning.  When a client comes into the studio and we spend a few hours together doing hair and makeup and chatting it up the whole time, we become friends, they let their guard down, and I get to peek inside.  What I see in those moments is what I want to show them in their pictures: pure beauty.  Bags, flab, stained teeth, and stray hairs are not what you see when you get to know someone, but when they look in the mirror that is what they see.  So that is my job — to show you your beauty that the rest of us see so easily.

and this is the before shot


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